My KPFA - A Historical Footnote





All Hallows (Walter de la Mare) September 1963

The Ash Tree (M. R. James) December 18, 1963

Atrophy (J. Anthony West) October 10, 1964

Bartleby the Scrivener (Herman Melville) Date?

The Boarded Window (Ambrose Bierce) February 12, 1964

A Country Doctor (Franz Kafka) August 14, 1964

Death of Halpin Frayser (Ambrose Bierce) May 20, 1964

Diary of a Madman (Nikolai Gogol) December 16, 1964

Disillusionment (Thomas Mann) July 1, 1964

Tales by Lord Dunsany (Lobster Salad, The Workman, The Charm against Thirst,

How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana, The Dream of King Karna-Vootra,

Charon) January 29, 1964

Esmé (Saki) September 1964

An Evening's Entertainment (M. R. James) October 31, 1964

The Feeder (Carl Linder) July 1, 1964

The Haunted House (Virginia Woolf) Date?

The Imp of the Perverse (E. A. Poe) July 29, 1964

The Jolly Corner (Henry James) November 1964

The Judgement (Franz Kafka) Date?

The Man in the Crowd (E. A. Poe) Date?

The Moonlit Road (Ambrose Bierce) November 1965

MS Found in a Bottle (E. A. Poe) July 29, 1964

Nightmare (Alan Wykes) January 18, 1964

Oil of Dog ( Ambrose Bierce)  March 4, 1964

O Mirror, Mirror (Nigel Kneale) February 12, 1964

The Outsider (H. P. Lovecraft) October 1965

A Predicament (E. A. Poe) June 20 1964

Proof Positive (Graham Greene) June 3, 1964

The Rats in the Walls (H. P. Lovecraft) July 1964

Shidah and Kuziba (Isaac Bashevis Singer) Date?

The Squaw (Bram Stoker) January 4, 1964

The Tell-Tale Heart (E. A. Poe) June 20, 1964

The Witch of the Willows (Lord Dunsany) January 29, 1964

Credits and notes for the individual productions can be found on the BayAreaRadioDrama website.